Managed Print Solution

Healthy Printing , Our Responsibility.

The possibility of managed print solution is really very vast. But all the definitions and approach of MPS yields the same result.


Managed Print Solution offered by Corporate Cartridge helps you to facilitate and do proactive management of printing environment while saving your IT department and staff valuable time and money that can be spent in other area.

How MPS does works?

You receive all the following benefits by paying per cartridge or per page.

Under our MPS, all your laser printer would be served by our trained and certified Technician.

All your printers are covered for life time warranty. Do not pay for any support pack or extended warranty.

Maintaining and servicing your printing fleet is our business. From cleanings and paper jams, to motherboards, power supplies, and maintenance kits. Everything is covered, even paper trays. All parts, all labour, all service at no additional cost!

Through Preventive maintenance program, we assures that all of your printer fleet is performing at peak performance. Each printer will receive constant maintenance resulting in extended life and efficient use of your printing devices. This saves your organization thousands of rupees in costly repair and printer replacements.We will do your Toner Management by keeping records of your past usage.

We ensure delivery and recovery of all supplies.

Through availability of parts to fix your printer, we minimize down time, by assuring quick response time.